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As we all know, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Therefor, we can only confirm that both sides of the river have their own charm, sometimes they resemble one another quite a lot and in other areas, they are completely different. So choosing one side mostly depends on which sights or other attractions you would like to visit during the day. Bridges and ferries of course offer the chance to switch sides whenever you like. And yes, there are stages where you can find signposts on only one side of the Elbe. We have put together the most important facts for you to help you making the right choice for yourself.

Which side is the right or left side? Just imagine looking downstream all the way to the North Sea and there you go: The one on your right hand side (kind of north-ish) is the right one and the other side is what we describe as the left side (so kind of south-ish).