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In high spirits along the Elberadweg

The plan

Why head to distant climes when adventure is right outside the door? Quiet paths along the river, gnarly woods, vast meadows and winding village lanes are inviting to cyclists young and old alike. Plan your active cycling holiday with your children - it will make the run-up to your break even more exciting.

There are plenty of destinations and places to stop along the Elberadweg: playgrounds, rustic ice cream shops, swimming baths and even children’s museums.

With a bit of luck, you can also watch storks, deer, beavers and other animals. Or satisfy sweet cravings by snacking on wild raspberries or freshly picked cherries.

The aim


Legs of the Elberadweg

Depending on age and fitness level, children can cycle around 20 to 30 kilometres per day. A leisurely pace with plenty of long and varied breaks is perfect for a tour along the Elberadweg. And if someone doesn’t want to carry on cycling, they can easily find a friendly local host or take public transport to the end of that day’s leg. Experience adventures large and small together.

To help you along, we’ve come up with a packing checklist as a rough guide for you.

What should we bring with us?

"Not here; quite the opposite in fact. There’s always something new going on along the Elberadweg. Even if the sky is pouring, you’ll find great alternatives."