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TMGS, TV Elbland Dresden

Worth indulging in

As poet Elizabeth Barrett Browing knew even at the beginning of the 19th century, nothing will spur you on along your way like a break. To put it another way: without interesting and cosy stop-offs along the way, you won’t get the full Elbe experience.

One thing’s for sure: if you spend your holiday pedalling and moving around for several hours a day, you can indulge yourself without feeling bad. Culinary adventures are also the best way to really get to know an area. Taste is a personal thing, but there’s something for everyone.

What would a bike tour be without a little break for something hearty?

Alles Bio und regional: Leckeres Handbrot vom Schmilkaer Mühlenbäcker
Achim Meurer, TVSSW

Ä Scheelch'n Hees'n

The Saxons love their coffee, and can’t have it without a piece of cake (or more!). Try the famous ‘Eierschecke’ for yourself.

Leckere Eierschecke
Achim Meurer, TVSSW

A sea of blossom in Altes Land

Wherever you look: apple, plum and cherry trees; the Altes Land area is defined by its fruit production. During blossom season, this region turns into a sea of delicate flowers. But it’s during apple, cherry and plum harvesting season that this area really shines.

Healthy fruit, fresh from the farm – what could be better?

Fruit from the side of the path: fruit trees grow all along the Elberadweg, and some of them are free for the public to help themselves. You can find out where the trees are here.

Beer and wine…

… are an important element of any trip along the Elberadweg. Whether you’re on the German or Czech side of the border, vineyards and breweries are an important part of life.

The spice of life

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Matthias Röhricht

The salt in your soup could come from the Salzgebiet salt mining region, where there’s a long tradition of mining our favourite seasoning.

You can find out what other uses there are for salt, and how to get your own salt miner diploma during your cycling trip in Schönebeck/Bad Salzelmen. The oldest salt bath in Germany awaits to soothe your tired legs.