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From the source to the estuary

From the source of the River Elbe in the Krkonoše Mountains to the estuary into the North Sea, the river covers almost 1,100 kilometres. As the cycle route doesn’t always follow the river closely, the Elberadweg is actually approx. 1,270 kilometres long.

If you want to tackle the whole stretch, you should plan in at least 14 days. Another option would be to split up the route into two or three sections.

The whole route in one go?

Radler am Schiffsanleger bei Geesthacht

What kind of cyclist are you?

The relaxed biker

At home, you keep your bike in the cellar or shed and only take it out occasionally. You prefer to pedal across flat ground and the more breaks the better. You shouldn’t plan any more than 30 to 40 kilometres per day.

The roadster

You’ve already been on a few longer cycling holidays. You love the combination of fresh air and movement as you pedal, but you like to stop and see some sights along the way. You often use your bike at home so you’re good at estimating your average speed. You can plan in around 60 to 70 kilometres a day.

The sporty pedaler

You train relentlessly, even at home, and you want your holiday to be all about cycling. The sights along the cycle route and long breaks aren’t important to you, as long as there are at least 100 kilometres per day on your tachometer.

Popular distances for cyclists


Spindlermühle - Dresden = ca. 430 Kilometer

Spindlermühle - Prag = ca. 260 Kilometer

Prag - Dresden = ca. 220 Kilometer

Dresden - Dessau-Roßlau = ca. 260 Kilometer

Magdeburg - Hamburg = ca. 370 Kilometer

Magdeburg - Cuxhaven = ca. 480 Kilometer

Dresden - Hamburg = ca. 600 Kilometer

Thanks to our guest surveys, we know the most popular sections of the route that cyclists want to tackle during their holiday - if you know how far you want to ride a day and how much time you have, you’ll always find the right section here.

Unser Radweg-Klassiker

Die Strecke von Prag nach Dresden ist bei Radlern gefragt. Sie verbindet zwei Länder und zwei Städte, die man sich unbedingt näher anschauen sollte. Unterwegs passiert man außerdem zwei Nationalparks, kann Wein und Bier verkosten und leckere Knödel essen.

Buchen Sie Ihre Tour einfach hier.

It’s exciting to decide which direction you’ll be cycling in. Of course, we have a few tips for you. There are certain start points and end points that make more sense than others as they are easily accessible by public transport e.g. IC or EC. You can easily reach Spindlermühle by taking the bike bus.

Neumarkt Dresden mit Frauenkirche im Hintergrund
Sylvio Dittrich
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Travel agent or go it alone?

Many cyclists plan their own trips. Many prefer a spontaneous trip, where they don’t know where their day will end. There are plenty of accommodations along the Elberadweg, meaning plenty of chances at finding a room even if you haven’t booked in advance.
However, it is best to book in advance during the holidays and long weekends.

Many travel agents in Germany and the Czech Republic offer cross-regional tours along the Elberadweg. Cyclists travel alone but the agent books accommodation and can organise baggage transfers or rental bikes as needed. Of course, you can also book additional nights at any location or book tickets for events. There are often discounts for groups of more than 5 people.

When you’re planning a trip.

Do you want to benefit from the experience of other cyclists? We’ve collected plenty of travel reviews over the years that we’re happy to pass on.

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Joachim Harbeck/photocompany
Volle Koffer

Baggage transfer: yes or no?

Even individualists don’t have to do without a baggage service. However, you must register at least 24 hours in advance if you require transport in order to be included in the journey schedule. This means you have to book your accommodation in advance, so that the driver knows where to pick up and drop off your bags.

If you’d rather keep the big decisions spontaneous, it’s best to keep your bags with you.