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Nature, culture, lifestyle or one of many events: there’s always something going on along the Elberadweg.

Discover this fascinating river and its many attractions with us.

Elberadweg Mitte-2014-372 Tangermünde © Ketz

The Elbe is a true rural paradise: spectacular mountains, long valleys, luscious meadows and vast marshes line your path.

Otters and beavers, storks and white-tailed eagles call this area their home, while silver grasses and black poplars sway in the wind.


Important cultural treasures of national and international significance can be found all along the Elbe. From Hamburg’s Speicherstadt to Magdeburg’s imperial palace, to three world heritage sites between Wittenberg and Dessau, or the Elbe Valley at Dresden - you can discover them all by bike.

Ab Hamburg kann man den großen Schiffen zusehen: Aufgregung pur- wenn die großen Pötte so nah sind
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Here, you can admire or discover the surroundings, stroll along or hide from the world. The Elbe­rad­weg offers pure life. Cycling offers a relaxed pace for your holiday, without time for young or old to get bored.

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Maybe that’s what’s so special about cycling holidays: being able to set your own pace. Letting your mind wander, going where your legs take you. Indulging yourself and enjoying the finer things in life. Get inspired, and enjoy culinary delights. To put it simply: become one with the world.

Where do you want to have an adventure along the Elberadweg?

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