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Silvio Dittrich, TVSSW

A get-away on the Elbe

If you want a short get-away to feel a fresh wind in your hair, the Elberadweg is perfect for you. The pedalling will do you the world of good. Being outside in nature makes sure that the stress of everyday life is far behind.

Many places along the Elbe are easily accessed by rail, so you can begin your short cycling holiday or long weekend from a range of different cities.

Indulge in relaxation as you pedal in peace and quiet through one to three stages of the Elberadweg before taking a train, bus or shuttle back.
What about your bike? You can either bring yours with you or hire one.

Breathe deep and set off

The Elberadweg isn’t as far away as you think

You’ll be surprised how quickly you can get to the Elberadweg. We’ve found the best access points for major German cities for you. All journey times are based on rail travel. Travelling by car could be either faster or slower.

  • Berlin–Lutherstadt Wittenberg: ca. 40 min (ICE)
  • Brandenburg–Burg (Magdeburg): ca. 35 min (RE)
  • Braunschweig–Magdeburg: ca. 45 min (IC)
  • Bremen–Hamburg: ca. 55 min (IC)
  • Bremerhaven–Cuxhaven: ca. 45 min (RB)
  • Chemnitz–Dresden: ca. 1 h (RB)
  • Chemnitz–Riesa: ca. 1 h (RB)
  • Halle/Saale–Dessau: ca. 45 min (IC/RB)
  • Halle/Saale–Schönebeck (Elbe): ca. 55 min (RB)
  • Hannover–Magdeburg: ca. 1:15 h (IC)
  • Kiel–Hamburg: ca. 1:15 h (RE)
  • Leipzig–Lutherstadt Wittenberg: ca. 30 min (ICE)
  • Leipzig–Riesa: ca. 45 min (RB)
  • Lübeck–Hamburg: ca. 45 min (RE)
  • Potsdam–Burg (Magdeburg): ca. 55 min (RE)
  • Schwerin–Boizenburg (Elbe): ca. 40 min (RE)
  • Wolfsburg–Magdeburg: ca. 1 h (RE)
St. Vitus Kathedrale
Porta Bohemica - Das Tor nach Böhmen
Czech Tourism, NAP

Bike hire made easy

The Elbe-Rad-Touristik tourism association can provide you with a rental bike at a location agreed on in advance and have it picked up from your final stop.

Most bicycle rental companies require that you drop off the bicycle at the same shop where you picked it up - this is great if you’re planning a cycling holiday exploring several routes from one location. Or you can use one of the shuttles or transport services.