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Supporters of the Elberadweg

Working on and for the Elberadweg requires a large number of partnerships and cooperations to ensure that the cycle route is constantly improved. As well as tourism associations and funding agencies, the Elberadweg has been able to develop a reliable group of sponsors over the last few years that have supported the development of the cycle route and its products.


ORTLIEB produces and sells waterproof and durable outdoor equipment, especially bike bags, briefcases, rucksacks, bike courier bags, clothing bags and panniers, motorbike panniers and tank bags, photo bags, document bags and map bags, water bags and water sacks, water bowls, first aid kits, money belts, belts for valuables and boxes for mobile phones.

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160128 Logo EMS

EMS – Elbe. Saale. Bode.

Erdgas Mittelsachsen GmbH (EMS) supports the Tourismusverband Elbe-Börde-Heide e. V., which is responsible for the coordination of the Elberadweg in Saxony-Anhalt. The EMS supports culture, tourism, sport and social topics in a variety of ways, e.g. the company supports a range of events, such as the ‘Elberadeltag’ cycling day.

The area covered by the EMS in Saxony-Anhalt includes the Salzland area and part of Anhalt-Bitterfeld, Bördekreis, Jerichower Land and parts of the city of Magdeburg.

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IHK Magdeburg

IHK Magdeburg represents the interests of around 50,000 members in the northern part of the state of Saxony-Anhalt, and is involved in promoting the business economy.

In recent years, tourism has become a significant part of this. As well as city and culture tourism, active tourism has contributed to the further profiling of Saxony-Anhalt as a holiday destination. IHK Magdeburg therefore supports the ‘Elberadweg’ project and actively supports the development of cycling tourism.

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160128 Logo IHK HAL-DE

IHK Halle-Dessau

IHK Halle-Dessau represents the interests of members in the southern part of the state of Saxony-Anhalt, and is involved in promoting the business economy.

As cycling tourism significantly contributes to the economy, IHK Halle-Dessau actively supports development in this area.

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