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(c) Stiftung Luthergedenkstätten in Sachsen-Anhalt, Foto: Anne Hasselbach

The most beautiful Elberadweg in the world

People have been settling along the Elbe since the dawn of history. Each generation has made their mark on the land next to the river. Over the centuries, imposing fortresses have been erected alongside impressive castles and magnificent churches. Trade has also been important, and has let many towns make their fortunes. Magnificent half-timbered houses and well-kept town centres are a testament to local history.

Where nature meets culture

Take a leisurely stroll through the museum

If you want to step back through time to when the great Emperors and Empresses like Otto the Great or Kaiser Karl IV, and princes like Augustus the Strong and his descendants were collecting paintings and riches from all around the world, we recommend a visit to one of the many local museums and galleries.

As well as large, well-established museums, there are also plenty of small, quirky discoveries to be made, like the clock museum or the Museum of Lies.

Our tip for cyclists travelling with baggage that would like to visit a museum: ask at the ticket desk if they would be able to look after your bags for you during your visit.

See history come to life

"Whether it’s been decades or weeks since you left school - there are plenty of places all along the Elbe where you can learn a thing or two about history.

The difference: no dry theory, but carefully designed exhibitions or strolls through historical town centres that let you experience history up close and personal.


Radfahrer am Elberadweg in der historischen Fachwerk-Altstadt von Lauenburg/Elbe
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Schloss Melnik in Mittelböhmen
Mittelböhmen Region, NAP
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MD TV EBH e.V. / Dominik Ketz

Heard of this one?

<i class="fa-solid fa-camera" aria-hidden="true"></i><span title="Andreas Lander">Andreas Lander</span>
Andreas Lander
Blick auf die Barockanlage Kuks
Filip Kostal, NAP
Im Dresdner Zwinger
Presse Schlösserland Sachsen
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